Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Links To Search Engine News

Blogs - We usually try to scan these (and others) several times per week to keep up with breaking news in the search engine and technology worlds.


Links to Media Monitoring / Reputation Managment Companies

 Resource TitleResource LinkResource Description

Provides media and brand monitoring, with an emphasis on social media.

Provides reputation monitoring and management services.

Social Media Monitoring, including blogs, MySpace, Twitter.

Media & Internet monitoring.

Formerly Bacon's, Cision provides clipping and media monitoring services for many countries and regions.

Monitors U.S. broadcast networks (with some radio coverage), as well as other media types.

Media monitoring and analytics ... tracks traditional media as well as social media.

Reputation management company. Tracks traditional and social media sources.

Dow Jones Insightfactivainsight

Media analysis, with access to all of Factiva's content.

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